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Vutek GS jetpacks printhead IRH2523P-2120


Model No.︰ IRH2523P-2120

Brand Name︰ seiko

Country of Origin︰ Japan


for manchine:

seiko H-74s/H-104s

Vutek GS2000

Vutek GS3200

Vutek GS5000

Zimmer colaris

Dgen Artix-GT


Dupont Aristri-700


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Original Roland solvent print head 1000002201


Brand New Printheads for Roland. These are solvent resistant and are completely compatible with Solvent, EcoSolvent, Mild Solvent and Aqueous (pigmented & dye) inks. They are made in Japan - the EXACT source as where Roland. These printheads have the Head Rank numbers that will work with Roland Solvent printers.

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