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Original Roland SC-540, 545EX, SJ-540, 640, 640EX, 740/FJ-540, 740/CJ-540 Power Supply Board, Wide Format Solvent Printer


Item Code: ACC-ROL-090

Power Supply Board, Wide Format Solvent Printer


To be used with:
Roland SJ-740, Roland FJ-740,  
Roland SJ-540,  Roland FJ-540

Remarks: Original
Gross Weight: 0.5 kg
Condition:100% new


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Toshiba CA3W Printhead for Mimaki UJF-605RII / UJF-605C / Océ Arizona 200 GT


This Toshiba TEC CA3W on-demand piezo electric inkjet print head is designed for industrial applications with high print quality. Unlike conventional binary print heads, this grayscale print head technology is capable of jetting multiple drops within one dot allowing for an image to have 8 levels of grey, since each dot is created through a minimum of 6 pico litre to a maximum of 42 pico litre of ink. 

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