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Brand New Original Arizona 460 GT Kit F/S Printhead CE2 - 3010115446


This Kit F/S printhead CE2 is suitable for Océ Arizona 460 GT and Fujifilm Acuity Advance Select HD4006 printers. This is the original Océ part (number 3010114604 replaced by 3010115446).


Product Specifications  

    Technology: Multi-drop grayscale micro-piezo

    Grayscale levels: 16

    Active nozzles: 636

    Print swathe width: 53.6 mm

    Nozzle pitch: 84.5 μm

    Native resolution: 300 dpi

    Printhead weight: 174 g

    Dimensions: 85 x 75 x 34 mm

    Drop volume: 6 - 90 pl

    Typical firing frequency: 2.8 - 28 kHz

    Ink Compatibility: oil-based pigment ink and UV curable pigment ink



    Acuity Advance Select HD4006

    Acuity Advance Select HD4008

    Acuity Advance Select HD4226

    Acuity Advance Select HD4228

    Acuity Advance Select HD5006

    Acuity Advance Select HD5226


    Arizona 1280 GT

    Arizona 1280 XT

    Arizona 440 GT

    Arizona 440 XT

    Arizona 460 GT

    Arizona 460 XT

    Arizona 480 GT

    Arizona 480 XT

    Arizona 660 GT

    Arizona 660 XT

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