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Genuine New Spectra Nova JA 256/80 AAA Printhead


JA 256/30 AAA

The Spectra Galaxy JA 256/30 AAA is a high performance, robust and reliable jetting assembly designed for a broad range of wide format printers at resolutions up to 900 dpi. 


The Spectra Galaxy JA 256/30 AAA is a high performance, robust and reliable jetting assembly designed for a broad range of wide format printers at resolutions up to 900 dpi. Two electrically independent piezoelectric slices, each with 128 addressable channels and two separate connecting cables, are combined to provide a total of 256 nozzles. The nozzles are arranged in a single line, at a native 0.010 inch distance between nozzles.

The fluid interface and electrical connection are at the top of the jetting assembly and several mounting configurations are possible. This jetting assembly contains serial-to-parallel converters for selecting which jets to fire; all jets can be fired simultaneously or individually. 

These Spectra heads are manufactured in the US and passed Dimatix Spectra US quality control tests to ensure the best durability. It carries a manufacturer product warranty. 

NOTE: This print head is suitable for VUTEk PressVu 180/600 and 200/600 printers. Note that the print head is supplied in the original Spectra sealed packaged and doesn't include the metallic base manufactured by VUTEk. This part can be reused from old heads. 

NOTE: On the VUTEk PressVu 200/600, this print head is used for the colour ink channel. If you need the print head for the white ink channel on the VUTEk PressVu 200/600, please refer to PPHSPGA50 (Spectra Galaxy JA 256/50 AAA)


- Technology: Piezo Electric

- Max. Resolution: Up to 900dpi

- Cal. Droplet Size: 28 pico litre

- Adj. Range for Droplet Size: 25 - 30 pico litre 

- Tot. Amount of Nozzles: 256 (128 per slice)

- Nozzle Spacing: 254 microns (0.010 in.)

- Nozzle Diameter: 36 microns

- Firing Frequency: 20 kHz

- Operating Temperature: up to 90°C

- Ink Compatibility: Organic solvents, UV curables, Aqueous


    Inwear L3508G


    Anapurna XL²




    Neo Deluxe UVD-2506-W

    Neo Deluxe UVD-3206

    Neo Jupiter 1006

    Neo Marker 0301

    Neo Plus UVP-1606W

    Neo Plus UVP-2506W


    Scitex FB6100 (Tempo Q)



    Eagle H




    TeckUV S2400

    TeckUV S3000


    PressVu UV 180/600

    PressVu UV 200/600

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